The Beauty of East Java

Banyuwangi is the most eastern regency of East Java. Jember is the closest neighbour on the west side whilst Bali is only apart by the Bali Strait. The native people of Banyuwangi are  the “Osing”.They have their own community and speak in their own dialect, a combination language between Javanese and Balinese.

The diverse natural scenery, art, culture, customs and traditions have created Banyuwangi as a unique destination worth to be visited. The beauty of nature is spread across the Banyuwangi district from west to the east. The mountains, forests and beaches create such outstanding attractions like theIJEN CRATER, the MERU BETIRI NATIONAL PARK and SUKAMADE.

Typical Handicrafts and traditional food are found plentiful in East Java. Batik Tulis which has its own characteristic in comparison with Batiks from Central Java is a trademark famous for East Java. The Gandrung Dance is the well-known welcome dance performed only in Banyuwangi.

KALIBARU is a typical mid-size hill-country city. It is formed of 5 smaller villages. It is located on one of the busiest transit roads in Indonesia connecting Banyuwangi to Jember, Surabaya, Malang and Yogyakarta. Even though the road has been improved greatly, some stretches are still very narrow slowing down the traffic as overtaking the many heavy trucks is often not possible due to the oncoming traffic. A sizeable part of Kalibaru city is located along this main trunk road covering 7 km from the entrance to the exit. Kalibaru has a railway station connecting Kalibaru to Banyuwangi and to Surabaya. About 60.000 persons live in Kalibaru. Kalibaru is in the plantation belt with many big- size plantations. Being on 420 meters above sea level, the climate in Kalibaru is cooler than in the low lying areas like Banyuwangi, Jember, Surabaya and Malang. In the evening and during the night it can become quite cool at times.

Bali and its airport Ngurah Rai International Airport are about 220 km away from Kalibaru which can be reached in about 6 to 7 hours, crossing the Bali Straits in ferries plying this route 24 hours.

From the west side, the closest large international airport is Juanda Airport in Suarbaya. It can be reached by either car, train or by plane from Blimbingsari Airport in Banyuwangi. The overland journey takes about 5 hours and passes through constantly changing scenes of life in a tropical paradise, busy towns, sleepy rural villages, terraced rice fields, plantations, orchards, forests and happy people with their warm smiles. The road journey winds over the forested Merawan range whilst the train passes under it through a historic tunnel which was built between 1902 and 1920 during the Dutch administration.