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We are proud to share the story of MARGO UTOMO from its humble beginnings to the present time with its two resorts, i.e. the MARGO UTOMO ECO / AGRO RESORT and the MARGO UTOMO HILL VIEW RESORT and the MARGO UTOMO PLANTATION. It was in 1943 when the late Mr. H.R.M. Moestadjab, the founder of MARGO UTOMO as we know it now, inherited a sizeable piece of land in Kalibaru, Banyuwangi from his father. He continued his father’s business on this land, where coconut, nutmeg, coffee, pepper and cloves were grown. In addition there was a dairy farm attached even though with only a handful of cows but being the only farm in this region which provided nutrient food during these difficult times.

During 1975, the market prices for all plantation products were crumbling which made it even tougher for him to manage the agro farm profitably. In order to find additional income he came up with the brilliant idea of a new tourism concept which we call now agro tourism. He envisioned a perfect combination of tourism and plantation business where visitors can enjoy the life style in a small community like Kalibaru and to learn the many different varieties of plants, trees and tropical flowers. Starting to welcome visitors in his own house he developed the site to 51 rooms and called it MARGO UTOMO ECO / AGRO RESORT. In 1994 he successfully opened a sister hotel located only 3 km away calling it the MARGO UTOMO HILL VIEW RESORT. Located on a stunningly beautiful site with a view to a small hill opposite separated from the hotel only by a small river at the bottom, it had from the beginning a different concept than the MARGO UTOMO ECO / AGRO RESORT as there was no plantation attached to it. However tours to the MARGO UTOMO PLANTATION were introduced soon after to allow also the guests of MARGO UTOMO HILL VIEW RESORT to learn more about agricultural business and the production processes of various different agricultural plants and spices.

He passed away in June 2000, buried in his beloved Kalibaru. His wife, Mrs. Hj. SayatiMoestadjab or better known as “IbuYanti“ passed away in 2008. Their daughter Endang Mariana continues to keep the legacy of the brilliant vision of her father alive. She successfully expended the dairy farm to more than 100 cows. The dairy farm was soon able to produce other milk products. Today, fresh milk and mozzarella cheese are delivered to Bali, the whole of Banyuwangi and even to Yogyakarta.

To utilize the organic waste from the dairy farm and the hotel activities, the MARGO UTOMO ORGANIC FERTILIZER FACTORY was built in 2010.  The factory produces granule ORGANIC FERTILIZER. Due to its excellent results the ORGANIC FERTILZER is now sold successfully to farmers in Kalibaru and surrounding areas.